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Sue - Testimonial

Most people who give up smoking find that they put on weight, but I have managed to lose three stone and I’m really happy. Within three or four months of switching to OK-Ecigs my lungs started to clear. Read Sue’s full story…

Dan - Testimonial

I’d smoked tobacco since my teens but I wanted give up for health reasons because I was starting to feel unfit. By using OK Electronic Cigarettes I gave up overnight and stayed off tobacco permanently. Read Dan’s full story…

Welcome to OK E-Cigs – the leading online shop for all your electronic cigarette needs. With so many e-cigarettes on the market, it is often difficult to decide where to buy your e-cigs and which one to buy. Look no further – we have a wide variety of electronic cigarettes for sale, including disposable and rechargeable vapour cigarettes, as well as refills in tobacco, menthol and cherry flavours, e-liquids, starter kits and accessories. Our tobacco and menthol cigarettes are authentic tasting and our e-cigarette batteries and refills long lasting – what more could you want from the e-cigarette experience?

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