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It could save you money

Five OK E-Cigs refills are the equivalent of 125 regular cigarettes – but cost just £6. In contrast, the cigarettes would set you back around £50, making you an incredible saving. This is just one example of how much money you can save by making the switch – freeing up more money for the luxuries in life.

You can choose your strength

Our tobacco refills are available in a variety of strengths, allowing you to gradually work your way down to a lower nicotine intake. With regular cigarettes, you can’t reduce your nicotine intake without changing both the brand and the taste!

A range of delicious flavours

Unlike with regular cigarettes, you aren’t limited to just tobacco and menthol flavours. Instead, you can enjoy a wide range of e-liquid cigarette flavours, from regular flavours such as apple to more out-there ones such as mojito.

No Ash

As e-cigarettes work by heating a solution to create vapour, no ash is produced. Say goodbye to filthy ash trays overflowing with cigarette butts!

Easy to use

Many find e-cigarettes off-putting as they believe that they are too complicated to use. In fact, they are very simple to use, and involve either just replacing a cartridge or refilling with e-liquid. They also come with their own instructions to make the whole process easier.

Avoid smoking bans

E-cigarettes are not always covered by smoking bans like regular cigarettes are, and so you are free to use e-cigarettes in more places, completely guilt-free. This is because a vapour is emitted rather than smoke, and the second-hand effects are nowhere near as bad as those with cigarette smoke.

No smell

The smell of smoke can linger for ages, on your clothes and even in your hair, and it can be off-putting to several people. E-cigarettes smell only faintly, and if you use flavoured e-cigarettes, you won’t even smell like tobacco, you’ll instead smell of whichever sweet flavour you’ve chosen.

It’s just like smoking

Cigalike e cigarettes in particular are designed to replicate the feel and look of a cigarette. Vaping is similar to the sensation of smoking, replacing the exhalation of smoke with vapour.