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Whilst in the majority of outdoor public places it is still OK to vape, many companies and methods of transport have banned vaping on their premises so we have compiled a list of exactly where to avoid vaping so you can enjoy your e-cigarette without getting into trouble!



Vaping is prohibited on all train networks, including the London Underground. Using e-cigarettes and vaping at train stations is also prohibited.

Airports and planes

As with regular cigarettes, using e-cigarettes is banned on flights and can also set off alarms in the toilets so don’t risk it or you could get in serious trouble!

Every airport in the UK has also banned the use of e-cigarettes except for within their designated outdoor smoking areas. London Heathrow used to allow vaping in a designated lounge but we asked them if that was still the case and got the reply ‘we do not allow the use of e-cigarettes in our premises’, so it looks like Heathrow’s vaping lounge is no more.

Please click through to our Travelling With E Cigarettes information post for further information on carrying e cigarettes on planes and e cigarette/vaping regulations in other countries.

With laws relating to e-cigarettes varying from country to country, it is always best to stay on the safe side and check whether it is legal to vape in the country you’re heading to before you even get to the airport as some people have had their e-cigarettes taken off them when going through security at their destination. We’ve compiled a list of some of the countries where we know that vaping and/or carrying e-cigarettes is restricted. Click through to our information post about e cigarettes on planes for more information.

Buses and coaches

We couldn’t find any bus or coach companies that allow vaping on board their vehicles. We wouldn’t be tempted to risk it either, you don’t want to be responsible for a situation like this E-Cig on Megabus causes police search and M6 closure


This is entirely down to the taxi driver and/or their company policies, so always ask first and respect their wishes/policies if they ask you not to.

Sports stadiums & music venues

Most sports stadiums have banned vaping in their stands/grounds. It’s best to assume that if you can’t smoke, you can’t vape. Wembley stadium does not permit the use of e-cigarettes anywhere in the grounds and you can expect the same to be said for other major UK stadiums and concert venues. The NEC in Birmingham also says that vaping is not permitted inside their buildings, although they do permit it twice a year when the fantastic Vaper Expo UK is held there.

You may find that smaller music venues or local sports clubs have a more relaxed attitude to vaping so there’s no harm in asking the venue owner or a member of staff if you can use your e-cigarette inside.


Depending on where in the UK you are, the policy on vaping in hospitals can vary enormously. Hospitals in Scotland for instance have banned e-cigarettes across hospital grounds, not just in the hospitals themselves, with the exception of the NHS Lothian Trust. Though strictly speaking, there is no blanket ban on vaping in England and Wales, many hospitals do enforce a vaping ban.


Currently, unlike with smoking, there is no blanket ban on vaping in pubs and restaurants. Many pubs will probably let you use an e-cigarette, though it is always best to check first. A number of chain restaurants and cafes, however, ban vaping across all their branches including KFC, Starbucks and Caffe Nero.


The vaping policy in hotels does tend to vary. Some are strict about prohibiting it and others may allow you to vape in your room. We would always recommend checking however as some hotels have very sensitive smoke alarms and no one wants to be the person who has every guest in the hotel stood outside in their pyjamas at 2am because you decided to have a late night vape (not that we’re speaking from experience…)

Cruise Ships/Ferries

The general consensus is that you can only vape in designated smoking areas. A lot of cruise companies have banned smoking on cabin balconies and it is likely that vaping may also be prohibited, so check with your cruise provider before you do. With regards to using them in your cabins, the same would apply as with hotels so it’s probably best not to vape when inside.

So the gist of it is, you can’t really vape in any public indoor buildings these days, so always assume that you can’t and ask any relevant authorities before doing so.



The UK generally has quite relaxed e cigarette laws and a liberal view on vaping, however it isn’t the same story for many other countries. Check out the information below to find out more about some of the countries where vaping is banned, and countries where you can vape to your hearts content.

Countries in which vaping/carrying e-cigarettes is banned or restricted

Some countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia, Jordan, Singapore, Panama, Seychelles have banned e-cigarettes altogether and you are most likely to have your devices taken off you at customs.

Mexico have banned sale and import but you can still use them personally and in Egypt they are banned but it is legal to vape. Many other countries have strong restrictions on nicotine containing vaping products. Some of these include China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand. In Sweden, Finland, Norway and Portugal – E-Cigarettes are okay but it is illegal to sell nicotine products so you most likely won’t be able to buy any e-liquids with nicotine whilst you are there.

In New Zealand and Switzerland it is illegal to sell nicotine containing e-cig products but they can be imported for personal use so you should be okay taking your own e-cig/vape and liquids into these countries.

Australia has varying laws and legislation throughout the country. This page gives a good overview of the vaping laws in Australia’s different states.

These laws can frequently change and some countries are more lax than others, so it’s always best to look up specific information regarding e-cig laws before travelling so you don’t risk having your devices taken away.


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