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What is sub ohm vaping?

What is Sub Ohm Vaping? < Go Back

Please note that sub ohm vaping isn't generally recommended for complete beginners as it produces larger clouds of vapour, which new vapers might find overwhelming. Please visit our guide to Choosing a Vape Kit if you're new to vaping and would like more information on getting started. Introduction to sub ohm Vaping Ever seen a vaper exhaling big plumes of vapour and wondered what it's all about, or heard the term 'sub ohm' but have… Continue reading
How electronic cigarettes work. Choosing a vape kit - mods, vape pen and cigalikes

Choosing a Vape Kit – Different Types of E Cig < Go Back

About Vape Kits/E Cigs If you're looking at choosing a vape kit, you may want to know a little about them first. As explained in further detail in our History of E Cigarettes post e cigs - also known as vapes, vape kits or e cigarettes - have probably been around for longer than you think. The first e cig was actually invented in 1963! Their popularity has increased hugely over the last few years with technology,… Continue reading

Vaping & Taking Your E Cigarette Abroad < Go Back

TAKING YOUR E CIGARETTE ABROAD E cigarette & vaping laws vary drastically from country to country so always check before taking your e cigarette abroad.  We recommend checking the laws in your destination country before you even leave home. Otherwise, you could have your vape kit taken off you when going through security. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the vaping laws throughout the world, current as of July 2017. COUNTRIES WHERE VAPING IS LEGAL BUT… Continue reading
image of cigalike and vape pen e cigarettes with suitcase - travelling with e cigarettes

Travelling With E Cigarettes/Taking E Cigs On Flights < Go Back

Travelling with E Cigarettes Whether you’re off on holiday or have to take a business trip, if you’re planning on travelling with e cigarettes, always check your airline ecig policy before you go. You should also check out the specific vaping and e cigarette laws for the country you’re travelling to. You can find out more about vaping laws in different countries in our guide to using your e cigarette abroad. We’ve compiled the following lists which…

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Video still for guide to looking after e cigarette batteries

Looking after e cigarette batteries < Go Back

Watch our handy video guide to looking after and maintaining your e cigarette batteries. Alternatively, keep scrolling for written tips to get the best of our of your e cig & vape pen batteries. We also recommend that you read our E Cig Battery Safety Guide. Regularly clean the battery contacts Cleaning the contacts is the best thing you can do to look after e cigarette batteries. Over time, small amounts of e liquid and debris… Continue reading
Cartoon image of OK E Cig refills. How long should a cigalike cartomizer refill last?

How long should an e cig cartomizer refill last? < Go Back

How long should an e cig cartomizer refill last? This is a very common question but is actually one that’s quite hard to answer! Our products were originally put through a ‘simulated vape’ to provide an estimated ‘cigarette equivalent’ per refill. This estimate was originally printed on our packaging, however it soon became clear that vaping habits and styles vary between vapers. This in turn affects how long they may last you. The nicotine delivery that you…

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A lady enjoys using her e-cigarette at a bar. Are e cigarettes safe?

Are E Cigarettes Safe? < Go Back

Are E Cigarettes Safe? We often get asked ‘are e cigarettes safe?’, so we’ve covered some common e-cigarette health and safety related questions below. If you feel your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch. Do e cigarettes produce harmful chemicals and, if so, will they affect me? E cigarettes are made from five main ingredients; nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and flavourings. Find out more about our ingredients in our handy guide.…

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Graphic image of an e cigarette box mod, ego cigarette vape pen and e cig. in article how to look after e cigarette batteries

A Beginners Guide to E-Cigarettes < Go Back

There are so many different types of e cigarette available these days that it can be a little overwhelming if you’re just starting out! We’ve compiled this list of all the different styles available and what they do, to help you choose the right type of e cigarette for you. Cig-alike Otherwise known as… e cigarette, e-cig, rechargeable e cig Cig-alikes are, as the name suggests, the most similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette in that…

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An e-cig battery is put on charge.

How Long Do OK E Cig Batteries Last? < Go Back

HOW LONG DO E-CIG BATTERIES LAST? As with any battery, ecigarette batteries don’t last forever. OK E-CIG BATTERIES You can expect our OK branded batteries to last between 6 months to a year, depending on usage. You will know when your battery needs replacing as it will become less efficient at holding it’s charge and you’ll notice it needs charging more frequently than usual. OK EGO VAPE PEN BATTERIES Being a larger battery capable of…

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Molecular structure of nicotine - blog post image

Choosing the right e cig refill or e liquid nicotine strength < Go Back

If you are new to vaping, you may be wondering which nicotine strength you should start with. This depends on various factors including your current nicotine habits and which vape kit or e cigarette you will be using. Everyone is different and you may find you need to adjust the strength you use to begin with or over time, however please click the tabs below to find out more information about the different products and… Continue reading
A close up of a green e cig battery in relation to recycling e cigs

Recycling & Disposing of E Cigarettes, Batteries & E Liquids < Go Back

RECYCLING E CIGS, VAPE PENS, REFILLS & E LIQUID BOTTLES Recycling E Cigs – Batteries The main part of your e cigarette is the battery, which can indeed be recycled. It’s important to ensure that any battery is disposed of responsibly to help protect the environment as all batteries contain hazardous chemicals. Simply remove any refills, clearomizer or tank from your e cig battery or vape pen/ego cig and put it in a battery recycling bin. You can often…

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E Cig Refill & E Liquid Ingredients < Go Back

E Liquid Ingredients List There are three base e liquid ingredients that you'll tend to find in most vape juices. These consist of: Propylene glycol (PG) Vegetable glycerine (VG) Flavourings E liquids can also contain various strengths of nicotine, from completely nicotine free, up to 20mg. This is the highest legal nicotine content in refills or eliquids, set by the EU TPD regulations. Cigalike e cig refills or pre-filled cartridges contain small amounts of eliquid, produced from… Continue reading
CE4 E-cig Clearomizers

How To Clean & Maintain CE4 Clearomizers < Go Back

Please note that we no longer sell the CE4 clearomizer. We now stock the upgraded Aspire CE5-S Clearomizer with replaceable coils. A more cost effective, higher quality tank with great performance, for use with ego vape pen batteries and kits. Please click here for our guide to using and maintaining a CE5-S Clearomizer. How to clean your CE4 clearomizer If you want to change to a new e-liquid, you may want to clean your clearomiser so…

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Image of different e cigarette Batteries from OK E Cig

E Cig Battery Safety < Go Back

The media has latched on to a few scare-stories recently regarding exploding e cigarette batteries. In the majority of cases, it has either been shown that the incorrect chargers were used, the products were not genuine or the batteries were not cared for or stored correctly. We want to ensure that our customers use our products safely and therefore we ask that you read the following safety guide for your e cigarette batteries. As with any… Continue reading

Where can you vape in the UK (2018) < Go Back

WHERE CAN YOU VAPE IN THE UK? With e cigarettes having gathered popularity at a great pace over the last few years, it's taken a while for establishments to figure out where they stand on vaping and you may well be left wondering where can you vape. Very few establishments have openly embraced them and most will expect you hang out with the smokers but we thought we'd do some further research. We've compiled the following information on vaping rules in… Continue reading