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A lady prepares to charge her e-cigarette using a USB e-cig charger.

What’s the best way to charge an e-cigarette battery? The OK E-cig & Zing range < Go Back

An e-cig battery deserves respect. They need to be looked after to keep them safe and to improve their lifespan, allowing you to vape away all day. Check our 5 best practice rules for the OK E-cig & Zing range: 1. Stick to your original e-cig charger This is one of the most important steps to take to look after your e-cig. Different e-cig batteries have different threadings and power ratings. Using a different e-cig…

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A lady enjoys using her e-cigarette at a bar.

Are E-cigarettes Safe? < Go Back

We often get asked – are e cigarettes safe? We discuss common e-cigarette health and safety related questions below. If you feel your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch. Do e cigarettes produce harmful chemicals and, if so, will they affect me? E cigarettes are made from five main ingredients; nicotine, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), nicotine and flavourings. Find out more about our ingredients in our handy guide. A recent study by the…

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Image of Cigalike/E Cig & Ego Cig Batteries from OK E Cig

The OK E-Cig Guide to E Cig Battery Safety < Go Back

With the media reporting many scare-stories regarding exploding e cigarette batteries, we want to ensure that we give you our best advice on e cig battery safety. As with any electrical device, e cigarettes are only dangerous when not used, stored or maintained correctly. E Cig Battery Safety Tips Only use charging equipment that is designed for your battery Most of the e cigarette explosions that have been reported in the news have occurred due…

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