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What is sub ohm vaping?

What is Sub Ohm Vaping? < Go Back

Please note that sub ohm vaping isn’t generally recommended for beginners as it produces larger clouds of vapour which new vapers might find overwhelming. We suggest you check out our Different Types of Electronic Cigarette page if you’re new to e cigs. What is Sub Ohm Vaping Ever seen a vaper exhaling big plumes of vapour and wondered what it’s all about, or heard the term ‘sub ohm’ but have no idea what it means? Read on to…

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Graphic image of an e cigarette box mod, ego cigarette vape pen and e cig. in article how to look after e cigarette batteries

Different Types of Electronic Cigarette < Go Back

About Electronic Cigarettes As explained in further detail in our History of E Cigarettes post, e cigs, e cigarettes or electronic cigarettes as they’re commonly known, have probably been around for longer than you think. Their popularity has increased hugely over the last few years with technology, devices and flavours rapidly advancing. With so many different devices now available and so many different terms used to describe them, if you’re new to ecigs you may…

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Molecular structure of nicotine

Which E Liquid or E Cig Refill Nicotine Strength is Best For Me? < Go Back

WHICH E LIQUID OR CIGALIKE E CIG REFILL NICOTINE STRENGTH IS BEST FOR ME? If you are new to vaping, you may be wondering which nicotine strength you should start with. This depends on various factors including what cigarettes you are used to smoking, how frequently you smoke and the PG/VG Mix in the e-liquids you are looking to buy. Our e-liquids are 50/50 PG/VG Mix, so we will look at which strength you should…

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Image of Cigalike/E Cig & Ego Cig Batteries from OK E Cig

E Cig Battery Safety < Go Back

With the media reporting many scare-stories regarding exploding e cigarette batteries, we want to ensure that we give you our best advice on e cig battery safety. As with any electrical device, e cigarettes are only dangerous when not used, stored or maintained correctly. E Cig Battery Safety Tips Only use charging equipment that is designed for your battery Most of the e cigarette explosions that have been reported in the news have occurred due…

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