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About Electronic Cigarettes

As explained in further detail in our History of E Cigarettes post, e cigs, e cigarettes or electronic cigarettes as they’re commonly known, have probably been around for longer than you think.

Their popularity has increased hugely over the last few years with technology, devices and flavours rapidly advancing. With so many different devices now available and so many different terms used to describe them, if you’re new to ecigs you may not know where to start.

You may have heard other vapers mentioning all sorts of mysterious words and phrases such as ‘Sub-Ohm’ ‘PG/VG’ and ‘box mods’ and want to find out more. Or, you may want to just get on with it and find something simple and easy to use. Read on to see all the different devices available and help you find out which e cigarette you should buy.

If there’s any terms or phrases that you don’t understand, check out our E Cig Glossary for definitions. You may also want to read our post explaining How E Cigarettes Work before you continue to give you a better understanding of e cigarette devices.

What to consider before choosing an e cigarette

When choosing an e cigarette, consider how much you want to spend and what you want to get out of your e cig. Are you happy to pay more for your initial kit if it provides more vapour or more flavour choice? Do you want an e cigarette that’s inconspicuous and easy to use?

Under each electronic cigarette type we’ve listed some pros and cons to help you decide if that device is right for you.

Different types of electronic cigarette - cigalikes description and imageDifferent types of e cigarette - vape pens Different types of e cig - Sub Ohm and mods