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About the OK E Cig Cigalike Starter Kit

The OK E Cig Starter Kit is a fuss-free, easy to use electronic cigarette in the cigalike style. Cigalike e cigs are simply named for the fact that they resemble a traditional cigarette. Please check out our Different Types of Electronic Cigarette post for more information on different e cig options. Our beginners guide to e cigs may also be helpful if you’re new to vaping.

At just £6, ours is one of the best value, highly rated e cigarette starter kits available. Click here to buy yours now.

Please check out our Different Types of Electronic Cigarette post for more information on different e cig options. Our beginners guide to e cigs may also be helpful if you’re new to vaping.

Our kit is incredibly simple to use and has the added bonus of being small and inconspicuous. Not everyone wants to be carrying round a huge battery and blowing out massive clouds of vapour. If this is you, then a cigalike should be just what you’re after.

Here’s how to get started with and maintain your OK E Cig Starter Kit.



Image of OK E Cig starter kit contents


Your kit will include a rechargeable e cig battery, USB charger and two refill cartomizers; the replaceable tips that contain your e liquid. All this comes in a handy, plastic carry case to keep everything together when you’re on the move.

Both refills are in our classic Tobacco flavour with one in 12mg nicotine strength and one with 18mg nicotine. You can also purchase our refills in a refreshing Menthol flavour if tobacco isn’t your thing.


  1. Once you’ve opened up your kit, you’ll need to charge your battery. To do this, screw the battery into the USB charger then simply plug the charger into a USB port on your computer or laptop. You can also plug the charger into our OK E Cig mains adapter if you’d prefer to charge from the mains.Your battery has an orange LED on the end which will light up to indicate the battery is charging.  A full charge should take approximately 2-3 hours, though your battery may already be partially or fully charged when you receive it. Ensure that you regularly check the battery whilst plugged in to avoid over-charging and do not leave unattended.
  2. When fully charged, the LED on the battery will go out. Unscrew the battery from the USB once it’s fully charged. The LED will flash three times to show it has been disconnected from the power source.
    Please read our e cig battery safety instructions before using your kit.
  3. Now that your battery is charged, you simply need to screw one of the refills on to the end of your battery and you’re ready to vape!
  4. The e cig is activated by inhalation so simply put the refill end of your e cig in your mouth and inhale gently for a nice flow of smooth, satisfying vapour. You may hear a few pops and cracks but don’t be concerned, this is just the e liquid in the refill heating up.

Choosing Your Refills

Our starter kits come with our popular classic Tobacco flavour refills. We also offer refills in our smooth menthol flavour which can be purchased seperately in packs of 5. Our refills are available in a range of nicotine strengths from 20mg down to 0mg – nicotine free. Click here to view our full range of refills.

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Maintaining your E Cig

Your e cig battery will need charging more frequently than other types of ecig such as vape pens, which have a larger capacity battery. Therefore, it’s a good idea to buy some extra batteries so that you can keep vaping whilst one is on charge. Click here to purchase new OK e cig batteries for just £3 each. Alternatively, buy our 4x Refill Bulk pack and you’ll receive a new battery for free!

As well as our standard batteries (known as K1 batteries), you can also buy our K2 Ultra battery. This battery is slightly larger (equivalent to a superking cigarette) and provides longer between charges. You can find out more about the K2 e cigarette battery here.

Swapping your batteries will also mean that particular ones don’t get over used. Depending on usage, we expect a battery to last between 8-12 months. After this time you may notice a decline in how long it lasts between charges. We recommend disposing of and replacing batteries once they start to deteriorate to get the best vaping experience.

Please read our e cig battery safety instructions before using your kit. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.