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It is a well-documented fact that any mother-to-be who chooses to smoke tobacco cigarettes during pregnancy has increased chances of giving birth to her baby prematurely. Further to this stark fact is the recent research by academics at the University of Bristol, which found that, on average, women who are exposed to passive smoking deliver their babies earlier, along with the fact that they will have lower birth weights, in comparison to women who haven’t been exposed to the harmful smoke.

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The study featured in excess of 5,000 women delivering their babies in Bristol between 2012 and 2014, with experts using both a woman’s report of her exposure to passive smoking as well as an official reading of exhaled carbon monoxide in early pregnancy.

There were a series of other factors that were considered in the study too, including maternal age, ethnicity, weight, social circumstances, and employment status.

Results highlighted that non-smoking women who lived with someone that smoked have increased chances of delivering their babies earlier compared to women not living with a smoker.

Furthermore, the women exposed to passive smoking had smaller babies in comparison to those who weren’t.

It is estimated that around one in seven women smoke through their pregnancies, while more than one in four non-smoking women live in the same home as a smoker and therefore are at a heightened risk from exposure to passive smoking.

Leader of the research study, Dr Rachel Ion from Bristol’s School of Clinical Sciences and St Michael’s Hospital said: “Women are generally aware of the risks of smoking during pregnancy but more education is needed to inform women and their families and friends of the emerging evidence of the risks associated with passive smoking in pregnancy.

“Our results add evidence to public health arguments to implement further measures to reduce exposure to passive smoking.”

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