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Research finds that inhaling nicotine vapour from e-cigarettes could be ‘as safe as breathing air’

Fresh research funded by British American Tobacco has suggested that inhaling nicotine vapour from e-cigarettes could even be as safe as breathing air, as it was found that the vapour has no toxic effects on the cells found in human lungs.

Working together with the MatTek Corporation, who made models of human cells for in vitro laboratory experiments, scientists then put these cell replicas to the test by exposing them to tobacco smoke, vapour from two different brands and regular air.

While the cells exposed to cigarette smoke died after six hours, researchers claimed that the damage to the airway tissue caused by e-cigarette nicotine vapour was ‘similar to that of air’. In order to further verify these results, there are plans to carry out the same tests using a larger variety of e-cigarettes.

The results were welcomed by Boston University’s Dr Michael Siegel, professor in the department of community health sciences, who said that the findings bring ‘additional evidence to support the contention that vaping is a lot safer than smoking’.

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