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Our commitment to non-disposable E-Cigs

Non Disposable E Cigs

Here at OK E-cigs we’re committed to selling non disposable e cigs. As part of our commitment to supporting a healthy environment, we would recommend that you invest in our refillable electronic cigarettes, rather than investing in disposable.

Why you may ask?

What’s the fuss about disposables?

Once they’ve left your fingertips, disposable e cigs can have a harmful impact on the environment. Not only is the ecig itself often made of plastic, which doesn’t biodegrade, the non-rechargeable internal battery causes many more problems.

Recharge and reuse – the way forwardImage of the OK E-Cig e cigarette starter kit, including the cigalike, USB e-cig charger & tobacco e-cig refill. Non disposable e cigs

Rechargeable E-Cigs are a much better convenience and a good way to support the environment . With one device it means that you can use your E-Cig time and time again. If you’re looking for an E Cig that will go further, why not check out our rechargeable e cig range here?