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Cigalike E Cig Refills 4x Multipack ,

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  • 4 Packs of OK E Cig Refills (5 per pack)
  • 1x K1 battery (worth £3)



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Cigalike Refills 4x Multipack (FREE K1 Battery)

Our 4x e cig refills bulk pack is one of our most popular deals. OK e cig bulk packs are a great way to avoid having to re-order every week and risk running out of your e cig refills or liquid, plus with this deal, you’ll receive one of our standard K1 batteries free of charge!

It’s always great to have backup batteries, so you can continue using your e cig when one battery needs charging, or keep different batteries for at home, work and in the car. We also suggest that you replace your batteries every 8-12 months, so purchasing this deal means you can regularly replace and dispose of older batteries at no extra cost.

Looking for more? Why not check out our 6x E-Cig Refills Bulk Pack including the hugely popular K2 ultra e cig battery which provides longer between charges.


  • 4 Packs of e cig refills
  • 1 FREE K1 battery
  • 5 Cartomizers per pack – 20 in total
  • Available in various nicotine strengths
  • Choose from Tobacco or Menthol Flavour


Please read our guide How To Look After E Cigarette Batteries to ensure you get the best out of your OK E Cig products. These refills are for use with OK E Cigarette Starter Kits and OK K1 & K2 batteries.

Option 1

Tobacco – Extra High (20mg), Tobacco – High (18mg), Tobacco – Medium (12mg), Menthol – High (18mg), Menthol – Medium (12mg), Menthol – Nicotine Free (0mg)