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OK K1 Standard Cigalike E Cig Battery ,

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  • Charging time of 2-3 hours
  • Designed to feel like a traditional cigarette
  • Orange LED when inhaling/to indicate charge
  • 180 mAh


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OK K1 Standard Cigalike E Cig Battery

It’s always a good idea to have more than one e cig battery so that you can rotate their use when one needs charging. Whether you want to keep a spare e cig battery in your car, one for at home and one in your bag/pocket, or just want to make sure that you’re never without, you can stock up on batteries without having to buy a new starter set each time. Our e cig battery is great value at just £3 each including free UK delivery

To assemble and enjoy an OK E Cig, make sure your battery is fully charged, then twist an OK E Cig Cartomizer Refill onto your battery and inhale from the refill end of the e cig.


    • 180mAh battery power
    • Approximately 300 charging cycles
    • 68mm long – similar to a standard cigarette when attached to a refill
    • Red LED
    • Use with OK E-Cig USB chargers

You will need one of our OK E Cig USB Chargers to charge your K1 battery. If you haven’t purchased the OK Cigalike E Cig before, you may want to buy our Starter Kit which includes a standard K1 battery, USB charger and carry case, all for just £6.

Please read our guide to looking after e cigarette batteries to keep your batteries in top condition. Never charge your batteries for longer than necessary and do not leave a charging battery unattended. Find more information on our e cig battery safety page.