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OK Ego Vape Pen Battery 650mAh ,

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OK Ego Vape Pen Battery 650mAh

Now in stock – our brand new OK ego vape pen battery 650mAh! Replacing the ‘Zing’ range, these new OK vape pen batteries are also compatible with both CE4 & CE5-S clearomizers.

This ego cigarette battery packs 650mAh of power, giving you between half a day (for heavier users) to a number of days of use between charging. Its compact size at just over 7cm (14cm when combined with a CE5 Clearomizer) makes it convenient to carry with you to vape on-the-go! The battery also features an on/off function – simply press the button 5 times in quick succession to turn it off and prevent it being activated by accident when not in use, then repeat the steps to turn it back on.

You will also find that these batteries are compatible with Zing USB Chargers so you can use them on any existing chargers you may have or purchase a new charger here.


  • 650mAh
  • 510 battery connection
  • Compatible with CE4, CE5 & CE5-S clearomizers
  • Compatible with all ‘Zing’ Products
  • Lock/On-off Function

Please read our guide to looking after e cigarette batteries to keep your batteries in top condition. Never charge your batteries for longer than necessary and do not leave a charging battery unattended. Find more information on our e cig battery safety page.

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