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4x E Cig Refills Bulk Pack + K1 Battery ,


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4x E Cig Refills Bulk Pack

Our 4x e cig refills bulk pack is one of our most popular deals. OK e cig bulk packs are a great way to avoid having to re-order every week and risk running out of your e cig refills or liquid, plus eith this deal, you’ll receive one of our standard K1 batteries FREE!

It’s always great to have backup batteries, so you can continue using your e-cigarette when one battery needs charging, or keep different batteries for at home, work and in the car. We also suggest that you replace your batteries every 8-12 months, so purchasing this deal means you can regularly replace and dispose of older batteries at no extra cost.

Looking for more? Why not check out our 6x E-Cig Refills Bulk Pack which contains the new K2 battery which provide more power and longer between charges.


  • 4 Packs of e cig refills
  • 1 FREE K1 battery
  • 5 Cartomizers per pack – 20 in total
  • Available in various nicotine strengths
  • Choose from Tobacco or Menthol Flavour

Info & Guides

Please read our guide How To Look After E Cigarette Batteries to ensure you get the best out of your OK E Cig products. These refills are for use with OK E Cigarette Starter Kits and OK K1 & K2 batteries.

Option 1

Tobacco – Extra High (20mg), Tobacco – High (18mg), Tobacco – Medium (12mg), Menthol – High (18mg), Menthol – Medium (12mg), Menthol – Nicotine Free (0mg)