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OK ultra e cig battery image.

OK K2 Ultra E-Cig Battery ,

  • 280mAh compared to 180mAh in our standard batteries
  • 60% longer lifetime than the K1 battery
  • Just 13mm longer than the K1
  • Up to 40% more vapour production
  • Lasts longer between charges


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You asked, and we listened – the K2 ultra e cig battery has arrived. With 100mAh more power than our standard e cig batteries, this battery packs a real punch for something in such a small package at just 13mm longer than the K1 e cig battery. You’ll find increased vapour production, longer usage between charges* and a longer overall lifetime with this great little e cig battery, all for just £2 more than the K1.

Please note: as this battery is more powerful, you may find that your refills don’t last quite as long as they do with our standard K1 batteries. Our independent testers reported that this was only a small difference which was outweighed by the benefits of the K2.

  •  280mAh compared to 180mAh in our K1 standard e-cig batteries
  • 60% longer lifetime – approx. 500 charging cycles versus 300 in the K1
  • Just 13mm longer & same barrel width as the K1
  • Up to 40% more vapour production
  • Lasts longer between charges
  • Blue LED
  • Use with existing OK E-Cig USB chargers

*Dependent on vaping style
Charging & maintaining your e-cigarette battery

To charge your e-cig battery, simply unscrew the refill, screw the battery onto your OK USB Stick Charger and plug into a USB port on your PC or laptop, or into one of our in-car chargers or mains adaptors. The LED on your battery will stay lit-up when charging and go out once fully charged.

Never charge your batteries for longer than necessary and do not leave a charging battery unattended. Find more information on our battery safety page.

Over time, you may get a build-up of debris around the battery connector. To keep your batteries in good condition, regularly wipe inside the screw part of the battery with a piece of dry tissue or a cotton bud. Our e-cig batteries are estimated to last between 250-300 charge cycles. Depending on heaviness of use, that tends to provide 8-12 months of use before the battery will begin to deteriorate and no longer hold a charge efficiently. It is recommended that you then replace your e-cig battery in order to get the best of our of your refills.