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Mixing e-liquid is not a new phenomenon. In the words of the late Bob Marley it’s always good to ‘stir it up,’ to keep things fresh and exciting. With the launch of our new OK e-liquid range, we wanted to celebrate the best e-liquid mixes. Our new range has been carefully balanced with a 50/50 mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) for a full flavour effect.

So with flavour in mind, we started our quest to find tastiest e-liquid flavours by doing some experimenting and sharing some of our personal favourites:

1. Rhubarb & custard

A close up of rhubarb & custard sweets.

Rhubarb & Custard e-liquid

This one’s a bit of a cheat because it’s already pre mixed but it’s still one of our favourite dessert combinations. It’s your last chance, for the time being, to get your hands on this magical combo in our clearance sale. If you’re a fan of dessert flavours, why not try mixing our strawberry and cheesecake e-liquid flavours – cheesecake is also in our clearance sale.

2. The very berry

Keeping with the fruity theme, we tried one of favourite triple mix combinations: cherry, strawberry and blueberry. This e-liquid flavour is definitely one for summer – it leaves you longing for warm weather and a glass of Pimm’s to accompany it.

The Cherry Crush OK e-liquid bottle (10 ml).

Cherry Crush OK e-liquid (10ml)

The Strawberry Splash OK e-liquid bottle (10 ml).

Strawberry Splash OK e-liquid (10ml)

The Blueberry Squash OK e-liquid bottle.

Blueberry Squash OK e-liquid (10ml)








3. Cherry menthol

Cherry and menthol go together like lemon and lime. This minty fresh flavour is sweet and invigorating – the perfect treat for a long day.

4. Heisenberg e-liquid (blueberry & iced menthol)

If Heisenberg was a vaper, this is what he’d take a toke on, apparently. The ingredients of the e-liquid were a closely kept secret but the main base flavours include blueberry & iced menthol. This mix is truly fresh and invigorating.

A close up image of Iced Menthol.

The Heisenberg – Blueberry & Iced Menthol.












5. Pear & cherry bake

Ok, so this one sounds unusual but the two flavours work as an e-liquid mix. The pear e-liquid tastes subtle but fruity whilst the cherry adds another layer of flavour – it really is the cherry on top!

If they don’t take your fancy, or if you want to try some of your own mixes, why not explore our delicious new e-liquid range to mix at home. We’re always adding to our range – keep updated with the latest flavours by following us on Twitter.