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A British study, published in Cancer Prevention Research, has found that smokers who switch to e-cigarettes, even if they don’t switch completely, can dramatically reduce the amount they intake of dangerous chemicals such as acrolein and carbon monoxide.

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Forty smokers who expressed a desire to quit, typically in their forties, were given the same e-cigarette, with their carbon monoxide and acrolein levels monitored a week before the switch, the day of the switch and four weeks after the switch.

After four weeks, the participants who switched to e-cigarettes entirely saw a drop of 80 percent in their levels of acrolein and carbon monoxide. Those who partially made the switch also saw benefits, with a 52 percent decline in carbon monoxide exposure and a 60 percent decline in acrolein levels.

Lead author of the study, Hayden McRobbie, of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, summed up the study, saying that in order to reap the most benefits from switching to e-cigarettes, smokers need to switch to them completely, giving up traditional cigarettes altogether. She added: “Smokers may get some encouragement from the finding that there is some potential health benefit as soon as they start the process.”

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Image: Ecig Click, available under Creative Commons