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Travelling with E Cigarettes

Whether you’re off on holiday or have to take a business trip, if you’re planning on travelling with e cigarettes, always check your airline ecig policy before you go. You should also check out the specific vaping and e cigarette laws for the country you’re travelling to. You can find out more about vaping laws in different countries in our guide to using your e cigarette abroad.

We’ve compiled the following lists which detail the main UK airlines’ e cigarette policies (as of July 2017) as well as UK airport vaping rules.

Carrying e cigs on flights

The majority of operators appear to allow you to carry your electronic cigarette on flights but all prohibit their use. We’ve put together the following list of the main UK flight providers and the specific airline ecig polices of each for you to refer to for more information.

Airline Ecig Policies

Flight Operator Policy
British Airways You cannot use e-cigarettes or similar items on board. They state that you can take electronic cigarettes in your carry-on luggage but are advised to seal liquids in a clear bag. You may not carry them in your checked luggage.
EasyJet You can carry e-cigarettes and a maximum of two spare batteries in your cabin bag, but not in the hold.
Flybe You can carry an e-cigarette on your person (filled or empty) or within your cabin bag only as long as it permits to the usual security restrictions.
Thomas Cook Airlines The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited. You may carry them on your person or in carry-on baggage.. Electronic cigarettes are not allowed within checked baggage as they may cause a fire hazard.
Thomson Airways You’re not allowed to use electronic cigarettes on the plane. This includes charging. They can be carried on as hang luggage only and are not permitted in hold luggage.
Virgin Atlantic Airways You can carry Electronic cigarettes onboard but you are not allowed to use them.
Atlantic Airways Vaping is strictly forbidden on all Atlantic Airways flights but you may carry your e cigarettes in your hand luggage.
Eastern Airways No smoking or vaping on board any aircraft or in lounges. You also cannot charge electronic cigarettes within Eastern Airways lounges. Electronic cigarettes may be carried on board but not within your luggage. Refills are not permitted.
Jet2 Passengers can carry e-cigarettes in their cabin baggage but not in checked baggage. E-cigarettes are not permitted for use on flights.
Monarch The use of e cigarettes is prohibited but they can be carried in your hand luggage.


Airport Vaping Regulations

We have also put together the following table showing the main UK airports and so you can quickly & easily check the vaping rules at your departure airport.

E cigarettes can only be used in the smoking areas outside the terminal. There are no smoking areas after security control.

Flight Operator Policy
Birmingham Airport We couldn’t find any specific information regarding vaping however we would expect that the same rules apply as other airports. Therefore, you should only vape in the designated smoking areas. You can find these outside the terminal building and through the Meriden Bar in the departure lounge.
Bristol Airport Electronic cigarettes must only be used in designated smoking areas.
Exeter Airport You cannot smoke or use e-cigarettes in any part of the airport. If you are flying from Exeter airport, you can vape in the smoking shelter at the front of the terminal.
London Gatwick Vaping is only permitted outside the terminal buildings in the designated smoking zones.
London Heathrow Passengers are not permitted to use electronic cigarettes within the premises.
London Stanstead You can vape in the designated smoking areas outside the terminal. There are no smoking areas after you have been through security.
Manchester Airport You can vape in the smoking areas available outside all three terminal buildings before check-in and after arrivals.

You can visit the Gatwick Airport Guide‘s page on on e cigarettes for a longer list of airport’s and their ecig policies.

Taking your e cigarette abroad

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