What’s the best way to charge an e-cigarette battery? The OK E-cig & Zing range < Go Back August 17, 2016 – Posted in: Safety Information

An e-cig battery deserves respect. They need to be looked after to keep them safe and to improve their lifespan, allowing you to vape away all day. Check our 5 best practice rules for the OK E-cig & Zing range:

1. Stick to your original e-cig charger

This is one of the most important steps to take to look after your e-cig. Different e-cig batteries have different threadings and power ratings. Using a different e-cig charger can risk overheating, which can completely ruin the battery altogether. Our E-cig Starter Kits and the Zing Rechargeable E-cigarette starter kit come with chargers included. We also provide a car charger for on-the-go charging. Don’t worry if you lose your charger – replacements can be found here.

2. Don’t charge your e-cig battery overnight

An e-cigarette is left on charge.

Don’t leave your e-cig charging unattended.

Never charge your e-cig overnight and, as with any rechargeable battery, don’t leave it unattended when charging. Leaving an e-cigarette battery on charge for longer than necessary can lead to overheating and will decrease the life of your battery. It is better to under-charge than overcharge a lithium battery.

3. Avoid extreme temperatures

Always avoid exposing your batteries to extreme temperatures. Leaving your e-cigarette in a car for a long time in hot weather puts it at risk of overheating and particularly cold weather could also damage your battery.

4. Turn the Zing battery off when it’s not being used

You can turn the Zing e-cigarette on and off as you choose by pressing the main button 5 times. We recommend turning it off when it’s not being used and keeping it out of pockets or other confined spaces. This will also prolong the battery life of your e-cig throughout the day.

5. Keep your e-cig away from water

Water is splashed next to an e-cigarette mouthpiece.

Keep your e-cig away from water.

This may sound obvious but it’s often hard to keep e-cigs away from water in everyday life. Even the smallest drop of water can completely destroy e-cigarette batteries. Avoid taking e-cigs to the bathroom, placing it near sinks or drinks. Avoid swimming pools too!

6. Use and recharge your e-cigarette batteries frequently

An image of a man pointing at the low battery symbol on his e-cigarette charger.

Regularly charge your e-cig for longer battery life.

The lithium e-cigarette batteries used in the OK E-Cig and Zing ranges work best when they’re used and charged regularly, on a daily basis. It’s always good to have more than one battery so you can continue vaping whilst another is charging and to swap these frequently. A battery left uncharged for a long time will deteriorate.

For more information about charging any of our products, please see our FAQ page.